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Oscillations and vibrations

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Siemens – Desiro Belgium monitoring of running stability
For measurements at higher speed, PROSE monitored the running stability of the new Desiro Zug from Siemens in Belgium.


Vibration measurements on snow groomers type LEITWOLF and BEAST
PROSE carried out vibration measurements on snow groomers fitted with various types of cab bearings.


Stadler Bussnang AG, RBS low-floor express multiple-unit train NexT (RABe 4/12)
Measurements of ride comfort and running stability


MATISA, vibration measurements of the work places of two construction machines, Switzerland
PROSE carried out vibration measurements on a gravel tamping machine and a gravel grading machine in accordance with EN 14033-3 in order to determine the parameter for whole body vibrations.


Stadler – Allegra comfort measurements
PROSE carried out comfort measurements on the new dual-engine trainset ABe 8/12 Allegra in order to evaluate forces at the motor and trailing bogie.


Bombardier Transportation - Lötschberger comfort and load collective measurements
PROSE AG carried out comfort and load collective measurements on the new regional trainset "Lötschberger" from BLS.


SBB (The Swiss Railway), Am 6/6, SBB (The Swiss Railway), Switzerland, Vibration Measurements on engine mountings
Vibration measurements on different engine mountings in two Am 6/6 locomotives for a comparison of the transmission behaviour of the vibrations.


SOB-FLIRT operational capability at high speeds
Measurements for the assessment of the operational capability of the FLIRT at high speeds.


VR (Valtion Rautatiet), VR locomotive Sr2, Bombardier Transportation, Finland
Fully automatic measuring system for long-term analysis of the running behaviour during regular service

Fully automatic measuring system to analyze the running dynamic behaviour of two locomotives for several months during regular service.


RhB, Bernina Express Panoramic Coach, Stadler Altenrhein Ltd. and Rhaetian Railways RhB, Switzerland
Measurements for commissioning and approval

In order to achieve commissioning of the new Bernina Express panorama coaches, PROSE tested several issues. The comfort, running behaviour and noise emissions were analysed by means of test runs.


EGE Haina, Sultana del Este, Swiss Re, Dominican Republic
Vibration investigation

Investigation on the causes of vibrations on a high-voltage transformer of the water-based power plant „Sultana del Este“ and elaboration of possible solutions.

2006 - 2009

JMR, LEILA, JMR (Josef Meyer Waggon Ltd), Switzerland
bogie for freightwaggons, approval for the release of the field testing

Bogie for freight waggons, management of the activities to get the approval for field tests


SBB, Track maintenance vehicle Tm 234 "Ant", Stadler Winterthur Ltd., Switzerland
Assessment of the running behaviour

Investigation of the vibration excitation effecting the the running behaviour.


NSB, B7, NSB, Norway
Running Stability Measurement
To increase the permissible maximum speed from 150 km/h to 160 km/h, test runs regarding running stability behaviour were conducted and assessed


HLB (Hessische Landesbahn), GTW, Bombardier, Germany
Load collective measurements on the bogies

Load collective measurements on the bogies of the GTW to verify the design of various components.

2005 - 2007

MTRC, Antenna supports, MTR Corporation, Hong Kong
Re-design of existing bogie mounted antenna supports

Re-design of an antenna support


SBB (Swiss Federal Railways), Switzerland
Evaluation of the comfort levels of the SBB intercity coaches

PROSE compiled an overview of the comfort levels (noise, vibrations, pressure fluctuations) of the SBB long distance fleet at medium and high speeds.

2002 - 2003

ZüriLinie, Cobra Low Floor LRV, Alstom / Zahnradfabrik Friedrichshafen, Zurich, Switzerland
Stress measurements

Structural integrity measurements on the axle gear box

2002 - 2003

CP, CP 2000, Bombardier, Portugal
Load collective measurements

Measurement of load collectives on the CP 2000 regional trains.


FS (Italian State Railway ), E 405, Bombardier, Italy
Drive oscillations

Measurement of drive oscillations on the former PKP EU11 locomotive on the Brenner-line.


SBB Cargo, Re 482, Bombardier, Switzerland
Load collectives

Measurement of load collectives on the locomotives type Re 482 on the Gotthard-line from Basel to Bellinzona.

2002 - 2003

DSB and SJ, OTU Øresundstog, Bombardier Transportation, Denmark, Sweden
Load collective measurements

Measurement of load collectives on the bogies of the Öresund- and the REGINA-trains


DB Ltd., BR 185, Bombardier, Germany
drive oscillations

Measurement of drive oscillations and adhesion optimization.


FS (Italian State Railway), E 412, Bombardier, Italy and Switzerland
drive oscillations

Measurement of drive oscillations on the E 41

2002 - 2003

OSE) Hellenic Railways Organisation, Railbus 560, Stadler Bussnang AG, Greece

Measurement of forces in the axle load compensation structure and noise measurement.


Bombardier, 12X, Bombardier, Switzerland
Bogie Gentle Control BOGECO

Measuring campaign in order to optimize the drive control with regard to drive oscillations. As well as load collective measurements on runs with freight trains between Basel and Domodossola.

2001 - 2002

NJT (New Jersey Transit), ALP 46, Bombardier, USA
drive oscillations

Measurement of drive oscillations.

2000 - 2001

MTAB and LKAB, Iron-ore-locomotive 103/104, Bombardier, Sweden and Norway
several measurements

Brake tests and measurements regarding drive oscillation.

1999 - 2001

YSC (Chemins de fer Yverdon - Ste. Croix), GTW, Bombardier and Stadler, Switzerland

Commissioning of the bogies and different measurements.


IR (Indian Railways), WAG 9, Adtranz, India
Measurement of driving load

Measurement of the operational load collecive under heavy haul conditions.

1999 - 2001

ZSR (Zeleznice Slovenskej Republiky), GTW TEZ, Bombardier and Stadler, Slovakia

Commissioning of the bogies and different measurements.

1999 - 2001

CJ (Chemins de fer du Jura), GTW, Bombardier and Stadler, Switzerland

Commissioning of the bogies and various measurements.

1998 - 1999

Adtranz, Test vehicle, Adtranz, Switzerland
Running dynamics

Running dynamic tests regarding the coupled single axle running gears for the NSB EMU Class 72.


ÖBB Schafbergbahn, Rack steam locomotives, SLM, Austria
Coupling behaviour and generator oscillations

Investigation of the longitudinal coupling behaviour between locomotive and wagons and of oscillations of the tooth belt of the on-board generator.

1995 - 1996

RhB (Rhätische Bahn), Ge 4/4''', SLM, Switzerland
Running dynamic measurements

Measurements for running dynamic optimisation and approval

1994 - 1995

SIG, Neitec test vehicle, SIG Swiss Industrial Company, Switzerland
Project management

Project management for the design of the bogies and of the tilting system as well as running dynamics measurement