How we are organised

Andre Schoen
Christian Montangero
Christa Boffa
Projects & Consulting Scandinavia
Anders Gymnander
Projects & Consulting Sweden & Denmark
Anders Gymnander
Projects & Consulting DACH
Jochen Helmlinger
Projects & Consulting Germany
Jochen Helmlinger
Projects & Consulting Austria
Josef Kometer
Projects & Consulting Switzerland
Rolf Mühlemann
Projects & Consulting Italy + International
Riccardo Loni
Projects & Consulting International
Johannes Minx
Projects & Consulting Italy
Riccardo Loni
Engineering Scandinavia
Anders Gymnander
Engineering Västerås
Signe Molin
Engineering Stockholm
Signe Molin
Engineering DACH
Jochen Helmlinger
Engineering Berlin
Detlef Klatt
Engineering Munich
Gerhard Butz
Engineering Winterthur
Christoph Deiss
Engineering Italy + International
Riccardo Loni
Engineering Pisa RVV
Daniela Beati
Engineering Pisa EEE
Mirco Casalini
Engineering Pisa DS
Massimo Signorini
Pierre Tempini
Test Lab Berlin
Kevin Born
Test Lab Winterthur
Frank May
Test Lab MSW
André Rohrbeck

Accredited sector


The whole group is certified according to ISO 9001.
Certification according to ISO 14001 has been achieved at group level with the exception of Pisa – where the certification process will start in 2020.

The marked units are certified for welding supervision according EN 15085
The marked units are certified for design of adhesive bonded joints according DIN 6701-2

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