March 4 2020

Gauge-changing bogie development with groundwork designed by PROSE awarded Alstom Innovation Award

At PROSE we are proud to have laid the foundation stone of the gauge-changing bogie technology which has now been awarded with the Alstom Innovation Award


Montreux-Berner Oberland-Bahn (MOB) had entrusted PROSE with the design of gauge-changing trailing bogies. The development engineers used MOB’s construction and operating principle, which makes it possible to change the gauge of the bogies by letting them run over a fixed axle-gauge changeover facility at low speed, as a basis for the design of the bogies. The change from meter gauge to standard gauge and vice versa is facilitated by two half frames, which can be slid 435 mm sideways relative to each other and which are equipped with independent wheels. This construction principle was to be realised concretely. 


You can learn more about the Gauge-changing bogie - EV09 project on the project factsheet, as well as through our PROSE’s presentation at the Schienenfahrzeugtagung 2011 in Graz.

Other PROSE news

April 21 2020
Final report on the research project "Innovative concrete sleeper" published

As announced in December 2019 PROSE has developed in collaboration with the Swiss manufacturer of concrete elements for railway applications, Vigier Rail, concrete sleepers with better vibro-acoustic properties.

March 24 2020
PROSE operating remotely during Covid-19 emergency

In the light of recent COVID-19 developments, we have made the necessary adaptations so that we can remain a constant for our trusted clients in such unprecedented times. During the past weeks, all our employees have been urged to work from home for the time being.

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