February 23 2021

Successful execution of the Technology Meeting Rail Systems of the Swissrail Industry Association

On 23.02.2020, Dr Bernhard Frei, Team Leader Consulting Switzerland, together with Jens-Erik Galdiks from SBB Cargo, gave an revealing webinar at the Rail Systems technology meeting on the upcoming shift in standards from ECM (Entity in Charge of Maintenance) and explained the benefits of ECM certification for rail suppliers.

ECM certification for suppliers offers the following benefits:

• The auditing significantly reduces the auditing effort for both ECM and supplier.

• The reduction in effort increases with each additional ECM customer.

• Suppliers receive a strategic "lock-in", become part of the ECM system and are therefore not directly interchangeable.

• The ability to influence the specification system in obsolescence and retrofit projects increases significantly for suppliers in the ECM system.

Contact: Dr. Bernhard Frei

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