July 12 2021

Successful confirmation of noise reduction

On occasion of a type test in Kerzers, the sections with the acoustically optimised Rail Pad were measured after one year of service. Both the rail damping determined in 2020 and the noise reduction in the pass-by level could be confirmed. With the BATEGU layer pad (see pdf attached) a level reduction of 4-5 dB compared with conventional soft rail pads has been demonstrated in two track sections. According to the latest measurements, even the pass-by noise of sections with conventional hard rail pads is undercut by about 2 dB (see table)! This is a pleasing result, which was not to be expected.

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July 2 2021
PROSE focuses growth on Engineering and Consulting

As part of its strategic alignment, the PROSE Group focuses on its core business "Engineering and Consulting" and sells the Testing division to TÜV SÜD.

June 22 2021
PROSE provides Expert for ACstyria Experts Lounge: Digitalisierung - Bahn 4.0

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